Returning to our tribes

In the past few months, and maybe even a year or so, we’ve seen a global return to tribalism. In a motion that can almost be seen as a massive, social heartbeat, the internet has taken our social awareness and spread it to every corner of the world. The internet gave us casual, everyday, chit chat friends from all over the world. These friendships was deeper than you’d imagine but not very deep at all. I remember a few of these and while we had things in common, we didn’t have quite enough to get the sort of granularity of a local friendship started. We could build the friendship only on common denominators which (as relationships included more people from cultures further apart) became less leading to shallower relationships.

This is just the story of relationships but with a global world came the massive alienation of local brands (Jaguar could now be owner by America or India) and while ideas were local, they were manufactured abroad.

It seems as if the world has had enough. We want borders again. We want our nationality to mean something again, our tribe must have unique purpose and meaning. Is this in part what is causing the sudden rise of right wing politics? Is this what is causing the construction of temples to the Nordic gods (for the first time in thousands of years in a secular country)? And is this maybe manifesting in design in the form of real quality, imperfection and leaving your own mark? Is it possible to argue that globalisation has alienated us from our own culture and we are now witnessing a mass exodus from globalisation back to the tribe?