From culture to execution

Understanding culture and cultural communication is exceptionally important and orientates you in the world. The next step is crafting your language – that is to say, filling the gap between research and creative execution. Cultural brand strategy builds a bridge between culture and brand communication and enables relevant and authentic messaging and brand values.

Our approach to strategy is a flexible and dynamic process. It aims to create a seamless story that links business problem, through research findings to a practical solution.

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Modern brands are part of the cultural landscape – they celebrate and enable the shift that people want to see in the world. We combine ethnographic work with semiotics and cultural insight to understand the landscape and craft brand character and narratives that resonate with people and reflect their environment.

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Great portfolio planning allows you to talk to the same people at different occasions or to talk to different people at the same occasions. We do not simply stretch the brand wider over the same positioning, instead we dig deeper to understand what your brand can mean to different people while still answering to the same brand character. This ensures a bigger audience while at the same time driving the existing equity.

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Campaign have goals. We believe that campaigns should not simply be run because of an annual calendar, instead they should be held to the KPIs and the output requirements of the business. The question before a campaign strategy is ‘what do we want this brand to do for the business with this campaign‘. We study the cultural landscape, the people in the market and your brand to build a campaign that will allow the brand to achieve its goals.

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Competitor reviews are often rendered to a quick look at what the other guys are doing. We are very serious about competitor reviews – if you want to win you need to know not only what your competitors are doing to day but also what their strongest opportunities are for the next campaign. We review all competitors from a brand perspective, looking at positioning and brand character before we look at campaigns.

In addition, we do not use a competitor map to plot the brands, instead, we use a category decoder to understand not only what your competitors are doing but what can be done in the category. The result is a map of what the category means in cultural terms, where your brand and competitors currently operate and where the open spaces are.

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